CLI: Check if there are jobs running

I recently automated the installation of updates on my openQA development instance. The goal was to make the instance updates itself over night, but only if it is idle, i. [Read More]

Reviewing openQA jobs with openqa-revtui

The openqa-revtui tool is a neat CLI utility for helping you review openQA jobs and job groups. It is part of the openqa-mon project, which has grown in the last years and now consists on more than the job monitoring tool itself. [Read More]

Clean empty job groups in openQA

In this blog post I present you a small script, which can help you to remove empty job groups from your own openQA instance. This is helpful if you have a development instance with a lot of job groups, that you never use. [Read More]

openqa-cli Cheatsheet

Checkout the new openqa-cli cheat sheet page where I start to collect some useful “how do I do …” snippets for the openQA CLI utility openqa-cli. [Read More]

Active monitoring of openQA jobs

openqa-mon is a little command-line utility to monitor one or multiple openQA jobs for their status. This tool is useful if you want to live monitor a handful of jobs closely e. [Read More]