about openQA-bites

openQA bites is a blog about tutorials, insights and love stories from a simple openQA developer. It aims to provide small and bite-sized posts about typical usage issues that every openQA dev encounters and atypical corner-cases that are worth to be written down. In the best case it can complement the official openQA documentation. by sharing some stories and make some typical and atypical use cases searchable in via your search engine of choice.

This blog contains openQA related content. The source code of this blog is on GitHub. The blog is powered by hugo for fun and for glory. The theme is Beautiful Hugo.

My name is Felix and I work for SUSE as a QA engineer since 2020. You find me on chaos.social or one of the social links below. I run a personal blog on feldspaten.org, where you find more stuff. I am passionate about open-source, infrastructure and outdoor/resilience stuff.