Paste text on VNC terminal

A coworker recently faced the problem to copy&pasting a large amount of text into a VNC terminal for openQA. VNC doesn’t always allow copy&paste and when you have to manually type a longer string this is prone to typos and human error. [Read More]

CLI: Check if there are jobs running

I recently automated the installation of updates on my openQA development instance. The goal was to make the instance updates itself over night, but only if it is idle, i. [Read More]

openQA: Could not configure /dev/net/tun (tap3): Operation not permitted

I recently encountered a new interesting openQA issue: [2023-03-13T14:18:22.651705+01:00] [warn] [pid:18929] !!! : qemu-system-x86_64: -netdev tap,id=qanet0,ifname=tap3,script=no,downscript=no: could not configure /dev/net/tun (tap3): Operation not permitted This is an error that you likely are encountering on a older openQA instance, after you setup multimachine jobs but haven’t used them in a while. [Read More]

Safely clone a job on a production instance

When developing new openQA tests you will have to run a lot of verification and debug test runs. This is why I typically encourage people to do all openQA testing on their own instances, to prevent spamming of the production instances. [Read More]

molecule and systemd and cgroupns

It’s Hackweek and I’m back at working on the GeekOops project. One of the more annoying tasks that I have been postponing already since some time is to adjust the molecule workflow to work with cgroups 2. [Read More]

Reviewing openQA jobs with openqa-revtui

The openqa-revtui tool is a neat CLI utility for helping you review openQA jobs and job groups. It is part of the openqa-mon project, which has grown in the last years and now consists on more than the job monitoring tool itself. [Read More]

openQA: emulated aarch64 worker

Are you in dire need of an aarch64 worker on your own openQA instance, but no suitable hardware lying around? If speed is not your main concern, then don’t worry - you can just enable a qemu-emulated aarch64 worker on your openQA instance (probably x86_64). [Read More]