openqa-cli Cheatsheet

Checkout the new openqa-cli cheat sheet page where I start to collect some useful “how do I do …” snippets for the openQA CLI utility openqa-cli. [Read More]

Use local go modules

When dealing with go modules, sometimes it’s handy to test some changes from a local repository instead of using the upstream one. Now, go programs are typically relying only on the upstream packages. [Read More]

pasta - stupid simple pastebin service

pasta is a stupid simple pastebin service for self-hosting. I started this project months ago because I was missing an easy, simple and no pain self-hosting solution. [Read More]
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Hidden gem - Show failures only in external results

I just recently discovered one of the hidden gems in the openQA WebUI: Show only failing tests in external results. Problem / User story Certain tests like ltp perform a series of tests within a test run and show the results as “External results”. [Read More]

Hide IDE folders in git using a global gitignore

Integrated development environemnts (IDE) are using their own folders withing your code repositories to store their settings. This can become annoying when working on a git repository and they keep popping up as untracked files: [Read More]
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IPMI remote access on old machines

This is a very short update post about getting the IPMI Remote Control Java Applet from horrible old system running on modern systems. This is an issue that haunted me for some time. [Read More]

Active monitoring of openQA jobs

openqa-mon is a little command-line utility to monitor one or multiple openQA jobs for their status. This tool is useful if you want to live monitor a handful of jobs closely e. [Read More]

What are Needles

In this blog post we are going to give you the easiest introduction to what needles are and how you can use them. While there are many good talks and documentation on needles out there, it took me longer than it should have to find a easy-to-use and easy-to-understand introduction into this topic alone. [Read More]

Background bash commands

This post describes the caveats and correct handling of the bash background operator within openQA. [Read More]