Container Layer Analyzer

Today I’d like to point out an amazing new tool: The Container Layer Analyzer, written by Dan Čermák. Dan also wrote a comprehensive blog post about it, which explains it much better than what I do here. [Read More]

Clean empty job groups in openQA

In this blog post I present you a small script, which can help you to remove empty job groups from your own openQA instance. This is helpful if you have a development instance with a lot of job groups, that you never use. [Read More]
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Playing with the openqa API

Today we are going to play a bit around with the amazing API that every openQA instance provides. The aim of this tutorial is to show how the API can be accessed using a simple language like python. [Read More]

openqa-cli Cheatsheet

Checkout the new openqa-cli cheat sheet page where I start to collect some useful “how do I do …” snippets for the openQA CLI utility openqa-cli. [Read More]

Use local go modules

When dealing with go modules, sometimes it’s handy to test some changes from a local repository instead of using the upstream one. Now, go programs are typically relying only on the upstream packages. [Read More]

pasta - stupid simple pastebin service

pasta is a stupid simple pastebin service for self-hosting. I started this project months ago because I was missing an easy, simple and no pain self-hosting solution. [Read More]
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Hidden gem - Show failures only in external results

I just recently discovered one of the hidden gems in the openQA WebUI: Show only failing tests in external results. Problem / User story Certain tests like ltp perform a series of tests within a test run and show the results as “External results”. [Read More]

Hide IDE folders in git using a global gitignore

Integrated development environemnts (IDE) are using their own folders withing your code repositories to store their settings. This can become annoying when working on a git repository and they keep popping up as untracked files: [Read More]
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